This Time, I Mean It

Late last season, and I mean late, as in the 2015 World Series kind of late, I wrote a few test blog postings about the Mets. Late October/early November may have represented the Fall Classic for the Mets but it was spring training for this blog and me. Well, Spring Training is over and this blog and I are “coming up north.”

Having had the privilege of covering the New York Mets for the Rockland County Times since 2012, I’ve decided to supplement my biweekly column with this blog called “Fan in the Box.” Given the increased interest in the Mets, my hope is to add some insight and entertainment to readers with some more frequent commentary on the team but my thought is to also to use this blog to explore some other aspects of baseball or New York sports in general that might not fit so neatly into a biweekly column on the Mets. This blog is a “work in progress” at the moment which is fine since I’m probably still a “work in progress” after all these years of life so maybe this blog and I will always be evolving. Any suggestions on how to improve it (well, except for finding a different writer) are welcome.

If you’re new to my coverage of the Mets or you haven’t been following them much for a few years and want to catch up, I’ve also included links to my columns going back to 2012. Note, binge reading of past columns is not a requirement for this blog like catching up on three years of “House of Cards” on Netflix before watching Season Four’s episodes. You may read any past columns at your own leisure.

With that said, thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy, “Fan in the Box.”